We encounter people who feel “entitled” frequently. At work. At public events. Even at home. Many Americans, including our own children, sometimes, and their friends, think they deserve all kinds of things they’ve never earned or produced.

Businesses struggle to deal with employees who hold attitudes of entitlement. Politicians pander to them. More people, at younger ages, are coming to view other people, even those they don’t like, and those they don’t know, as Santa Clauses.

So why not inspire young people to shift their attitudes, ever so slightly, ever so subtly, away from feelings of entitlement, toward something much more positive? Why not give them real tools they can use to improve their own lives, to create wealth for themselves by focusing on others, learning what others want, need, and appreciate, and producing value for others?

Wealth creation: It’s an empowering idea. It’s useful. It’s good. And it’s time we start teaching it to our children and our students.