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Save the Swamp: Career Guidebook for Budding Bureaucrats

Save the Swamp is a must read for progressive activists, university professors, Hollywood celebrities, and government bureaucrats who want to ridicule and harass conservative cranks into silence. They slow down the train of progressivism with their ridiculous clamoring about the Constitution and private property. Enough is enough! Save the Swamp explains how stupid and unscientific conservative arguments are while showing how best to mock them.

—Anonymous source who spoke to anonymous reporters at CNN

Introduction to American Citizenship: Including the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution

You’ve likely seen pocket versions of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

This is better.

Introduction to American Citizenship contains the full text of those two important American documents, a bullet-point guide to the key ideas enshrined in both, and a short, eloquent explanation of the connection between those ideas and the rights and duties inseparable from being a citizen of the United States.

This book is perfect for students, new citizens, and anyone who wants to understand and teach others the way of life required if we are to remain self-governing, free citizens within a republic of constitutionally limited and separated powers.

Crisis Of Our House Divided: A Guide to Talking Politics Without the Noise

American politics is loud, bitter, and in your face. It’s even affecting our relationships! How often has politics come between you and a friend, a co-worker, a close family member, or even a spouse? How many parents find it difficult to talk with their own kids because of political differences? The shouting and fighting we see on cable news programs seem to be creeping more and more into our personal lives.

The bad news is that politics isn’t going away. The good news is that we can understand better why people disagree so strongly over politics, and in the process we can understand and relate better to those closest to us. We can learn to talk quietly and calmly about politics, without all the noise, while together we plan the future we have in common as fellow citizens.

Crisis of Our House Divided is our guide. This short, easy read is not written in a wordy, academic style. Instead, it’s concise and to the point. Perfect for kitchen-table conversations.