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How We Make a Difference

You want to live freely and make your own choices. You care about others. You know that human beings flourish in conditions of freedom. You also know that many people, today, want to control the choices and property of others. The simple idea of individual freedom is now controversial, political, even polarizing.

You want to do something and you’re not sure what. You’ve come to the right place.

What We Do and Why

Every valuable creation begins as an idea.

At Speakeasy Ideas, we identify the important ideas that radiate from and are connected to human freedom, flourishing, and prosperity.

We distill those ideas, simplify them, wrap them up, and package them in ways that are useful for you.

We’re here to help you speak easy about the ideas you want to share with others. Because we want to see more people living freely, flourishing, and prospering.



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In-depth treatments of the subjects that matter most.


Live events, available anywhere in the world.


In-person workshops for maximum impact.


Free audio lessons on history and much more.

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