The Speakeasy Is Open

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Where the most important ideas are turned into tools that help people improve their lives.

Welcome to my Speakeasy for Ideas!

My name is Thomas Krannawitter. I hold a Ph.D. from the School of Politics & Economics at the Claremont Graduate University in California. I’ve taught at several schools, including Claremont McKenna College, Hillsdale College, and George Mason University, among other places. 

Among academics, I am unusual. Instead of learning to ignore the big ideas that have fueled human freedom and incentivized human flourishing, I have become focused on them. 

What motivates me? I don’t like to see people suffering from poverty or cruel injustice (and the two often go together). I don’t like bullies, whether on playgrounds or in high government offices or anywhere else. I love to see free people thrive, being productive, creative, innovative, inventive, entrepreneurial, and caring for those they love. 

I am also keenly aware that the principles upon which freedom rest, and the history from which we today can learn so much, have become controversial. In order to talk openly, learn about freedom and human flourishing, and prepare an effective life plan, you need someplace like a speakeasy.

That is why I founded Speakeasy Ideas. It is a place for students, teachers, business owners, and other interested citizens who want to know the real stories of what human beings have tried before and what the results were. It’s a place where big ideas and the quiet pursuit of truth go together. Thank you for being here.