Speaking Easy
Calm thoughts about common interests.

#ABOLISHLICENSES Challenge for State Legislators

Many candidates for state legislatures and governorships across the United States talk about scaling back the size, scope, and power of government. Once in office, however, they find it to be no easy task. So much that was intended to be reserved to state governments,...

Writing As Discovering

Writing, for me, is less about "creativity," even though that's the way writing is taught in typical university courses. Then again, academicians might not be the best judges or teachers of writing. How many academics today, after all, could pen something like Hamlet?...

We forget much when we forget the Holocaust

A recent survey shows that many Americans either never learned or have forgotten much about the Holocaust. Many Americans don't know the full extent of the government slaughter, or they cannot say what Auschwitz was, or they don't know that Hitler became Chancellor...