The freest being in the world, able to cut through space and time and participate in that which is eternal. Mind is immune from the laws of physics. A free mind cannot be reduced to cause and effect. A free mind, by definition, is mysterious. Mind is synonymous with freedom. A free being is a thinking, reasoning being–a mind.


An illusion held by some that they can own, control, possess, the minds of others. But they cannot. They can threaten punishment, inflict pain, or wave treats as rewards. They can transform the life of a body into death. But no one and no being can command a mind to think a certain way. Omnipotence is illusory because power over the free mind of another is impossible. Always.


The quest for power over the minds of others. The quest for tyrannical power is always, in the end, self-defeating. Anything a tyrant accomplishes must be with the consent and help of others, even if that consent is coerced. If everyone refused to aid a tyrant, even if that refusal cost them their lives, the tyrant still would end up with … nothing, no power. Even if he murdered everyone, he’d find himself standing alone with nothing but the blood of death on his hands. The illusion of tyranny requires the consenting minds of at least some people.


Includes an appreciation for the freedom of the minds of others. Love does not seek to own, control, or possess. Love does not demand worship. Love is not jealous. Love does not use others for slavish service. Love respects the freedom of others, admires them when freedom is exercised admirably, and empathizes when others freely make poor choices. Love does not try to coerce the other with threats and rewards. Love is not tyranny. Love is rooted in freedom.