VIDEO: Watch SIA 101.2: Declaration of Independence – Part II (Video time: 45 minutes)


Where there is a time mark, the answer is provided at the time indicated in the relevant podcast or video. Where there is no time mark indicated, the student should look up in a book or perform an Internet search for the term, person, or place.

  1. Review the meaning of Multiculturalism
  2. Perspectivism (3:02)
  3. Relativism
  4. Musket with bayonet
  5. Lee Resolution
  6. Fratricide
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche (3:02) (When did he live? Why did he mean when he wrote that “God is dead?”)
  8. Continental Army
  9. Battles of Lexington and Concord
  10. Events of September 11, 2001


  1. It is natural for a thinking person to want to know what is right and what is wrong. Is there some kind of principle that is objective/moral truth by which a person can judge various cultures? (7:39 – 16:50)
  2. Did the founders have an understanding that other cultures existed? (15:00)
  3. What do all cultures contain? (15:35)
  4. What is the natural law? (16:35)
  5. Why is it useful and good to understand the idea of natural law? (16:45 – 17:10)
  6. In judging what is right and wrong the old view used what standard? (18:10 – 18:44)
  7. In judging what is right and wrong the multicultural view uses what standard? (18:10 – 18:44)
  8. The Declaration of Independence is based on what premise? (18:45)
  9. The theory of multiculturalism leads to the self-destruction of ____________________. (23:05)
  10. Which did the founders believe in? Multicultural Theory or Objective Moral Truth? (24:23)
  11. Why is the Declaration of Independence a rare document in human history? Summarize. (26:02 – 34:55)
  12. What was the revolutionary point of view in the Declaration of Independence? (33:20 – 34:36)
  13. The founders did something that had never been done in the founding of a country. They founded a country based on what? (36:05 – 36:16)
  14. This founding is unique why? (36:16 – 36:36)
  15. The Declaration of Independence is radical because it is __________________. (36:37)
  16. In the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, the American revolutionaries describe themselves as ____ people. (39:10)
  17. The Declaration of Independence goes on to say that the American revolutionaries are connected to another people. Who were the other people? (39:10)
  18. Why is this idea of one people significant in U.S. history? (39:40)
  19. The American revolutionaries describe the specific connection with the British that they are dissolving. What is that specific connection? (40:58 – 42:10)
  20. According to the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, what do the American revolutionaries want? (42:17 – 43:30)
  21. Why did the American revolutionary think independence is good and right? (43:30)