Ideas for Modern Citizens

The Radically Better Series
Dr. Thomas Krannawitter teaches

These presentations examine modern ideas through the lens of history. Designed for small or large groups, these “Ideas” are radical departures from typical conservative messages.

Sacred cows are attacked. Tired rhetoric is pushed aside. In their place: a foundation of optimism and challenge.

Dr. Krannawitter makes the refreshing case for your constructive participation in public policy questions without sermons about righteous principles or dismissive demonizing of conflicting viewpoints. Instead, he offers a radically better way to shape citizenship. He explores the powerful and rational arguments underlying alternative political ideologies across the spectrum, and puts them in context for today’s public policy landscape.

This series challenges you. To be open to new ideas. To appreciate the foundation of views you agree with and views you disagree with. To lessen acrimony and enhance progress. But mostly, to participate in making our society better.

Each offering can be scheduled for nearly any group event.

Series Offerings

  • The Rational Case For Progressivism
  • The Rational Case For Freedom
  • Who Makes My Choices? – The Root of our Destiny
  • So What Can I Do? – A Practical Guide For Good Citizens

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