Our country is in a crisis.

We all know it.

You’re thinking: “But what can I do?”

You’ve come to the right place. We not only have an answer, we have an answer that no one else is offering.


Here is what the influence of progressive, and in some cases full-blown socialist ideas and polices over the past century means for us today:

  • Government spends far beyond its means. Our debt is now larger than the entire U.S. economy. Yet the spending continues.
  • We have more regulations and restrictions on our businesses and property than ever. Yet more are coming.
  • Americans routinely elect politicians who show contempt for the Constitution they swear to uphold. Modern American laws, policies, and regulations violate freedom as much if not more than they protect it.


For decades, chattering classes of progressives have been teaching American citizens to feel entitled to all kinds of goods they’ve never earned.

“Don’t worry,” they say, “you have a right to food, housing, health care, education, cell phones, and many other things. If you cannot afford them, we’ll simply make someone else work harder to provide and pay for them!”

And Americans have been listening. Many now believe they are entitled to things that they expect others to provide or pay for.

We even see this in our businesses among our own employees who often demand a raise or fancy title before they’ve even produced anything.


What if we could train employees to have better morale, to feel better about being part of a business and coming to work, to be more productive, and to be better citizens as a result?

WE CAN! That’s what SPEAKEASY IDEAS offers!

Consider: Aren’t the qualities that make excellent employees in a business the same qualities that make excellent citizens in a free, self-governing regime? Qualities like being: Self-reliant. Productive. Loyal. Trusting. Ambitious. Self-improving. Self-controlled. Creative. Honest. Appreciative. Helpful. Expecting nothing for free.

Great employees make for a great business! Great citizens make for a great country!

Now consider: YOU can help make America great by helping your own employees be the best they can be! Which is good for everyone – your employees, your business, and your fellow citizens.


Among the many strategies for advancing progressivism over the last century, none has been more effective than modern education, and in particular the modern university system.

The purpose of modern progressive higher education is to focus on a large, politically persuadable, captive audience—students!—and train them to be the next generation of progressive teachers, progressive journalists, progressive politicians, and progressive employees.

And it’s worked. Well. The whole system of progressive higher education is like a well-defended fortress: highly insulated from outside influences, ideologically self-perpetuating, and inseparable from government. This fortress of progressivism cannot be easily or quickly dismantled, even though it has caused great harm to America.

That’s why it’s time to build a different, separate fortress, just as large, just as strong, just as influential as the one built by progressives. Our fortress, too, focuses on a large, persuadable, captive audience. But instead of students, our audience is: employees.


The great freedom and prosperity Americans once experienced was the handiwork of intellectual giants such as John Locke, Adam Smith, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and others.

The good news is that we’ve learned much about those giants. Patriotic, conservative thinkers study and teach what those giants did, how they thought, what they wrote and said.

The bad news is that for the last seventy years, patriotic, conservative thinkers haven’t done much other than teach the conservative “choir” what those giants did, how they thought, what they wrote and said.

Progressivism has metastasized while the realm of individual freedom has shrunk because conservatives have not taught the ideas of freedom persuasively to the great numbers of Americans outside their own small conservative choir. This is not how a winning majority freedom coalition is built!


Now that’s all changed!

Freedom-loving Americans have been waiting for someone to climb upon the shoulders of those giant Founders in order to reach even higher. That’s what we are doing.

We are adapting their ideas to the challenges and circumstances we face today, and launching a strategic Twenty-First Century action plan to recover freedom and prosperity in America. For the first time ever, Speakeasy Ideas is offering new, fun, educational products designed to reach the many non-conservative, apolitical, and even left-leaning citizens all around us.

We’ve devoted ourselves to learning the ideas of the Founders and the many great minds that helped America become a beacon of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.

But we’re not here merely to rehearse history. It is the calling of Speakeasy Ideas and the Speakeasy Ideas Network to stand on the shoulders of those giants, weave the best of America’s ideas with new ones, and create new methods and tools to advance freedom in our world, today, which is strikingly different from the world faced by our Founders.


The challenges before us are piled high with difficulties. But with the bright light of good and timeless principles, together, we can find our way.

That is why we’ve adapted the ideas of freedom championed by the giants of the Founding into strategic action for today and tomorrow—all designed to be attractive to those who don’t know of the rightness and many benefits of freedom—to make America the free and prosperous place it ought to be.

There’s nothing partisan about Speakeasy Ideas education products. Nothing contentious. Nothing divisive. Just the core basic ideas of freedom that help human beings improve their lives, presented in entertaining ways.

The tools we have created offer an opportunity so that you too can climb with us upon the shoulders of American giants and use those same ideas, with ease and effectiveness, to teach and persuade those within your own tremendously important sphere of influence: the employees at your business who know you, listen to you, and rely upon you.


Simply stated, together we are going to help improve the morale and productivity of your employees. And as they become more productive, they become more self-reliant citizens at the same time.

And we all know that productive employees and self-reliant citizens don’t need big government programs or endless regulations!

The goal is twofold:

  1. Better employees, which means a better business for you and your customers.
  1. Better citizens, which means a better U.S.A. for all of us.


Our strategic method focuses on changing, by improving, behavior. We achieve this change in behavior not by force, or bribes, or threats. We achieve this change in behavior by self interest-focused inspiration and education that change how people make choices.

Those who complete our educational series will better understand how to get more of what they want, how people improve their own lives. In a fun, interactive video environment, we explain how choosing to be productive and creating new wealth, choosing to work and cooperate with business colleagues, and choosing to help customers by delivering as much value to them as possible is the path to success.

By completing this training and incorporating the lessons into their professional, civic, and personal lives, Americans become better employees and, at the same time, better citizens.


Conservatives for too long have been content with preaching to their own conservative choir. This is insufficient for the crisis of America. We are in dire straits today because conservatives keep talking to each other and rarely add new blood, new faces, new minds.

We aim to change this, with your help, by targeting the PERSUASION ZONETM. The PERSUASION ZONETM includes large numbers of Americans who are, well, “persuadable,” because their personal and professional interests are not tied directly to government.

By definition, Americans inside the PERSUASION ZONETM are somewhat apolitical, perhaps even left-leaning, but they’re not dependent on government for welfare, subsidies, or their paycheck. Where do we find large numbers of these kinds of Americans? Employees at private businesses! They are the key to making America great and increasing the freedom coalition numbers into a majority.


How will we reach, teach, inspire, and change the choices and behavior of Americans inside the PERSUASION ZONETM? Through the following:

  • The messaging is targeted precisely for centrist Americans in the PERSUASION ZONETM.
  • By offering instruction through business owners to their employees, we are reaching a captive audience. And we’ve taken much care in designing our instructional products: we offer a message that is new and attractive and important, without partisan divisiveness.
  • Working Americans employed by private businesses include millions of “millennials,” which means Speakeasy Ideas training can reach a target audience of young citizens — to whom politically conservative groups usually have no access.


Purchasing and using Speakeasy Ideas employee training materials is an investment in:

  • your business,
  • helping your employees improve their own lives,
  • and the future and fate of the United States of America.

We are not asking for a donation. We are asking for a trade, an exchange: We will trade the right to use our videos and supplemental training materials in exchange for a small sum of money. We’re in the business of running a business, after all, just like you.

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