The country in which one finds offered for sale the best cars, best houses and buildings, best medicines and medical technology, best food, best clothes, best communications technology, best of just about everything imaginable, also contains a large portion of the population who think they are “victims” of the businesses that research, develop, and offer for sale all those world-class goods.

These Americans clamor for more government control over…well, just about everything. They trust government, which invents nothing, while they remain suspicious of those who want to offer innovation and material improvements in our lives.

Meanwhile, there are many in sad parts of the world that live in dirt poverty. They would love to have access to such goods as do the Americans, but they find it impossible to research, develop, and offer for sale such things because the heavy foot of government is always on their necks.

They fight to decrease the presence of government so that business innovation might become possible. They trust their fellow citizens, but not the government that has stopped them from improving their lives and that takes away most of what they acquire through work or innovation.

It’s almost laughable, but not at all funny.