By Speakeasy Ideas

Due to increasing demand, Speakeasy Ideas is offering a roadshow version of our highly popular Vino & Veritas Club. That’s right: We’ll bring a serious study of The Federalist Papers to your town. You make sure we have wine!


Vino & Veritas began as a club in Denver, Colorado, meeting once a month, in the evenings, where people enjoy libations, food, and meeting new friends while engaged in a yearlong close study of The Federalist Papers. It proved to be popular, and we soon launch additional Vino & Veritas clubs, based on the same model, only in different locations. 

The discussions are led by Thomas L. Krannawitter, Ph.D., who has been teaching The Federalist Papers for years in places such as Claremont McKenna College, Hillsdale College, & George Mason University.

Dr. Krannawitter serves as a tour guide, of sorts, through the maze of arguments and ideas found in this iconic work of American political science. The roadshow consists of a shortened version of that tour. 


Now we are turning Vino & Veritas into a roadshow. Imagine a year of Vino & Veritas compressed into two or three days. That’s what the roadshow is. Except the wine. We don’t recommend that anyone drink a year of wine in a few days. 

We have selected the key, pivotal essays from The Federalist Papers, which we discuss at some length, while talking about the structure and the multiple purposes of the whole book.

People walk away from the roadshow version of Vino & Veritas with a solid, broad understanding of the United States Constitution and the book that best explains it. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.

The Vino & Veritas Roadshow consists of seven modules, described below, each an hour and a half long:

Module 1

Introduction to and overview of The Federalist Papers.

1 hr. 30 mins

Module 2

Human Nature, Extended Republic, & an Improved Political Science.

1 hr. 30 mins
nos. 1—10

Module 3

Constitutional Separation of Powers & the Rule of Reason over Passion

1 hr. 30 mins
Federalist nos. 40—49, 51

Module 4

Slavery in The Federalist Papers & Constitution: Racist Documents? 

1 hr. 30 mins
Federalist no. 54

Module 5

House of Representatives and Senate: Different Chambers of Congress with Different Designs

1 hr. 30 mins
Federalist nos. 55, 57, 62—65

Module 6

Taming the Prince or an Energetic Executive? The President in The Federalist Papers

1 hr. 30 mins
Federalist nos. 68, 70, 74—76

Module 7

The Judicial Branch, Judicial Review, and a Critique of Bills of Rights that might Surprise You

1 hr. 30 mins
Federalist nos. 78, 84

For a Vino & Veritas Roadshow, we recommend these seven modules be spread over two or three days in a row. For pricing, availability, and a custom-designed program, please send an email to Bethany Drosendahl at [email protected].