Wine. New friends. Reading The Federalist Papers together. 

2019 Denver Vino & Veritas Membership Information

We are humbled and happy to announce that the 2019 Vino & Veritas Club at Waters Edge Winery and Bistro is sold out for the remainder of the year.

This began as an experiment. We did not know if people would be interested in the combination of wine, monthly meetings with new friends, and a close study of an iconic book of American political science, The Federalist Papers.

The first meeting, which was held in January, quickly sold out with some people buying yearlong memberships right at the beginning and others purchasing single event tickets.

Since then, we have sold yearlong memberships for all the available seats for the rest of 2019. It’s partly overwhelming, partly thrilling, and oh-so-pleasantly-surprising.

Second Vino & Veritas Club?

We are looking to launch a second Vino & Veritas Club in a second location. We need a host restaurant/bar that can accommodate at least 100 people. Preferably, Vino & Veritas 2 would meet once a month on an evening the restaurant/bar is typically closed. 

Have an idea for where the second Vino & Veritas should be? Send an email to [email protected] If it works out, we’ll praise you in public and say embarrassingly good things about you!