Upward is an online training program for young employees, students, and others looking to get ahead, to improve their lives, to move…upward.

It’s fun, inspiring, and easy-to-use.

Through a series of multimedia, interactive experiences, Upward demonstrates

  • how new wealth is created
  • why productive work is the key to helping one’s self by helping others
  • why the efficiencies of businesses are key to human progress

Upward training is an excellent, inexpensive way for young Americans to add more value to the business where they’re currently employed, which is great for a business!

If they’re students and not yet working, Upward prepares them to be self-reliant, appreciative, happy citizens in the future.

Upward is an investment that employers make in their employees and teachers make in their students that provides returns far greater than the sticker price of the training and far into the future. Because when employees, students, and citizens of all kinds work hard to move upward and become self-reliant through productive work, everyone benefits: business owners, employees, customers, fellow citizens.

Featured just below is one of the training videos included in Upward. Give it a whirl and see what you think!

The full program includes eight short movies, eight corresponding interactive quizzes, and a productivity worksheet. You can learn more about it and purchase user’s licenses here.