Save the Swamp

Want to defeat the regulatory state? Laugh at it.

Listen to Sharyl Attkisson discuss "Save The Swamp" on the Glenn Beck Show

November 21, 2019

Discussion of Save the Swamp begins at the 9:25 mark during the interview. 

What do you get when you mix a Ph.D. in political science who’s been studying the problem of the administrative-regulatory state for 20 years, someone with a deep love for human freedom and flourishing, and a standup comedian?

You get Dr. Thomas Krannawitter’s live performance based on his new book, Save the Swamp: Career Guidebook for Budding Bureaucrats.

What exactly is the Swamp? It’s the modern administrative-regulatory state staffed by millions of unelected, unaccountable, unconstitutional government bureaucrats who exercise dangerous levels of control over the property, businesses, and personal choices of American citizens.

The Swamp has been growing for the past 75 years, without a pause, despite mountains of white papers, reports, books, and other studies, often filled with graphs, charts, and data sets, demonstrating how the administrative-regulatory state:

  • treats citizens unequally and unfairly,
  • makes everything more expensive,
  • creates monopolies for big corporations,
  • forces many small businesses to shut down,
  • wastes enormous amounts of other people’s money,
  • causes more problems than it solves,
  • stifles innovation, invention, and technical progress,
  • invites crony corruption,
  • fuels contempt for the rule of law,
  • and engages in injustice as it operates entirely outside the scope of the United States Constitution

So, if reports and studies and graphs and charts cannot stop the growth of the Swamp, what might?

Here’s something little tried: Humor and satire.

Even the most powerful institutions lose their power, and can be reined in, once large numbers of people start to view them as laughable.

New Live Show

That’s the purpose of Save the Swamp and Dr. Krannawitter’s new live show based on the book. Take a look at this video preview.

Among the most powerful tools for sculpting a national culture is laughter. Anyone who gets others to laugh with him, after all, attracts the attention, good will, and agreement of those who chuckle.

Progressive comedians and entertainers understand this. They’ve used their talents to aid the cause of increasing government control over our lives, our property, our businesses. Time to turn the table.

Save the Swamp presents the facts about modern big government framed in satire and humor. Helping fellow citizens feel comfortable giggling at the ridiculous injustices of the modern American regulatory state can do more for freedom than mountains of wonkish white papers and policy studies.

See award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson of Full Measure interview Dr. Thomas Krannawitter about the meaning and history of “the swamp.”

Ongoing Commentary

Satire is a timeless tactic – more necessary today than ever.

Part political science professor.

Part stand-up comedian.

It’s a hoot.

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And It’s All True

Click to see the online bibliography of all sources cited in Save the Swamp, divided by chapter.