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Limited Government Forum Hosts Save the Swamp

February 28, 2018 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 pm


Dr. Krannawitter will be treating us to an entertaining presentation about his satirical new book Save the Swamp: Career Guidebook for Budding Bureaucrats.

Among the most powerful tools for sculpting a national culture is laughter. Anyone who gets others to laugh with him, after all, attracts the attention, good will, and agreement of those who chuckle.

Progressive comedians and entertainers understand this. They’ve used their talents to aid the cause of increasing government control over our lives, our property, our businesses. Time to turn the table.

Save the Swamp presents the facts about modern big government framed in satire and humor. Helping fellow citizens feel comfortable giggling at the ridiculous injustices of the modern American regulatory state can do more for freedom than mountains of wonkish white papers and policy studies.

Dr. Krannawitter will have some copies available for purchase at the event, and you can also buy it on Amazon in both paperback and electronic versions.

LGF Breakfasts will be no charge events beginning in 2018, but they would appreciate a cash donation at the door of $10 or more to help defray the costs of the programs. Event information


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