We all know it.

Seems like everyone feels entitled.

So many people want something for free.

Our country is in a crisis.

Have we forgotten that the path upward to success is earned?

You’re asking, “What can I do?”

You’ve come to the right place.

Speakeasy Ideas is here to answer the question being asked by concerned employers and employees, concerned educators and students, and concerned citizens: “What can I do?”

So … What can you do?

You can be the agent of real change—not just empty promises. You can be the agent of improvement, the agent of upward mobility for yourself and those within your sphere of influence.

You’ve spent years creating an important sphere of influence, people who know you, who trust you, who rely upon you. If you want to bring about change in America, if you want to make American businesses, schools, and other institutions better, your own sphere of influence is critical:

  • It’s where you can most help the most people.
  • It’s where you can have the biggest impact.
  • It’s influence you have that no organization can buy with all the money in the world!

Speakeasy Ideas is here to equip and enable you to help your business, help your employees, help your students, help your family, friends, fellow citizens, and anyone else in your sphere of influence!

You don’t have to invest large sums of money or years of training: Speakeasy Ideas provides the tools you need to be the agent of improving change, the mentor for upward mobility, self-reliance, and the opportunities made possible only by living as free, productive, prosperous individuals who make their own choices.

All Speakeasy Ideas products are easy-to-use, entertaining, and help Americans understand the fundamental, timeless principles necessary for success in all areas of life.

All Speakeasy Ideas products help citizens understand and put into action the common principles that unite productivity, prosperity, human freedom, flourishing, and happiness.

We all know that productive employers and employees make a business more profitable; that hard-working teachers and students make a school excellent; that responsible, self-reliant citizens make our country better because they don’t want or need entitlement programs.

But that’s not where we are today. So …

What Can You Do?
  • You can distill the lessons of history and human nature to help yourself and others achieve more of the good things all people want.
What Can You Do?
  • You can stand on the shoulders of giants—the American Founding Fathers—and show those around you, in modern ways that resonate with them, how to move upward.
What Can You Do?
  • You can become the change and improvement that others only promise.

Providing you with the tools to do what others fail to do is what we do at Speakeasy Ideas. We are your partner for increased productivity, prosperity, and the freedom that makes it possible to move upward.


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